Cristina Montemorano

Cristina is a freshman at the University of Mary Washington.  She is currently undeclared but plans to double major in Communications & Digital Studies and Anthropology and minor in either Psychology or Linguistics.  Next year, she will be working as a UMW peer mentor for a freshman seminar.  Cristina is involved in the Catholic Campus Ministry and Students for Life.

Cristina enjoys reading anything she can get her hands on, writing angsty poetry, taking film and digital photographs, collage, painting, and drawing complicated freehand designs.  She finds joy in nature (but not humidity or bugs), petting her adorable Westie Tucker (but not when he’s stinky), and making ridiculous and elaborate puns every moment she can (especially at the most unfortunate times, she has absolutely no shame…).  Cristina loves movies from all time periods and all genres (excepting horror) and is a huge nerd/geek/fangirl.  If she were to write every movie and television show that holds her obsession, this webpage might crash due to an overload of data.  She hopes that in the future she can cobble all of her weird interests together into a collage of creativity while still contributing to the greater good.